about the cove bike shop

My name is Andy Demaline, owner of The Cove Bike Shop. My professional career as a bike mechanic started in 2002, but I was working on my own bikes well before then. What started as riding BMX as a kid in Ohio, transitioned to mountain biking once I moved to Colorado in 2002. My passion for riding over the years has only grown, and so has my desire to open my own shop to help keep your bikes ride-ready. 

The bike industry is constantly evolving: new components, updated geometry and suspension, and there's an always growing list of wheel sizes to name a few. Working on a variety of bikes over the last 17 years has brought on many challenges and learning experiences, but that's what I love about it. Like skiing or photography (a few of my other hobbies), you can pick up the basics fairly quickly, but it really takes a lifetime of learning and doing to stay relevant.

My business is based out of the Summit Cove neighborhood in Dillon, CO, working out of my garage. I offer a number of tune options as well as individual services.